Vinyl & Cassette tape
Authentication service

Our Authentication service is designed to help buyers verify the authenticity of Vinyl & Cassettes they are interested in purchasing.

Vinyl authentication service

Here’s how our Vinyl & Cassette tape authentication service works:

  1. The buyer submits photos of the vinyl or cassettes to the authentication service, either through an online form or via email.
  2. A trained authenticator examines the photos and compares them to known authentic versions of the vinyl or cassette album. They will typically look for specific details and characteristics that are unique to the authentic version of the album, 12′ vinyl or casssette.
  3. The authenticator will then provide a report or certificate of authenticity that confirms whether or not the vinyl or cassette are authentic.

Our authentication services also offer in-person authentication events, where buyers can bring their vinyl or cassettes to a designated location and have them authenticated on the spot.

It’s important to note that vinyl & cassette tape authentication services are not foolproof and there is always a risk that a fake or counterfeit could pass as authentic. However, using our authentication service can significantly reduce the risk of purchasing counterfeit or wrong versions and provide peace of mind for buyers.

Vinyl records &
cassettes encapsulated.

We offer a professional and secure encapsulation solution for your vinyl, cassettes and other collectables. We offer grading, stamping and slabbing services to help you achieve the highest quality encasement possible.

Vinyl & Cassette
Grading services

Vinyl & Cassette grading services are typically offered by record collectors and sellers to assess the condition of vinyl records for buyers and sellers.

The grading system is used to describe the physical condition of the record, including the quality of the vinyl, cover, and any inserts or extras that come with the record. The grading system usually ranges from “Mint” (perfect condition) to “Poor” (unplayable).